Welcome to Rooted! I’m owner, Jackie Wilkin. Since I was a young girl I’ve always had a passion for fashion and hoped to someday be able to make a living in the fashion industry. Shortly after college I married my amazing husband Drew and was blessed to be a stay at home mom to our four wonderful children. In that time home I’d often think of what God had in store for my future. I’d daydream of having my own store and getting to shop with others all day long helping them find clothing that put a big smile on their face.
In January 2020, this daydream started to become a reality. My sister-in-law and best friend, Kayla Wilkin, and I started having serious conversations about starting a boutique. She took a leap of faith and became my first employee as we launched Rooted Boutique, doing Facebook Lives Wednesday nights out of my basement! Six months, a pandemic and a derecho later, we opened a brick and mortar store August 20, 2020 in downtown Fulton, Illinois.
The last 3 years we have grown our local customer base from near and far and fill online orders from east to west coast! We have also grown as a team, adding five employees to the store. Kayla and I are both very active in our community helping plan, promote, and execute town festivals and graciously give to our local schools, benefits, and other events. We have had fun hosting store events such as our own Spring Fashion Show, custom hat bars, and our famous Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sales.
If you’ve been with us since the beginning, please know you are appreciated and loved more than words can express. If you’re new here, welcome to the Rooted family!
Our big family! Did you know that Kayla and I are married to brothers?! 
Where it all began.  We had just got the keys to the building and my husband, Drew, snapped this picture of me while I was drawing the layout of the new store. This picture gives me goosebumps and I'm so happy to have this memory of where it all began!