Welcome to Rooted! I’m owner, Jackie Wilkin. Since I was a young girl I’ve loved that feeling of bringing home a brand new piece of clothing and rushing to try it on and show it off to everyone in my family. I have always said, “I wish I could make a living out of shopping!” Now, after the past 9 years of being a stay at home mom to our four wonderful children, I have finally figured out how I can do just that!

I’ve done a little bit of everything the last 13 years since graduating college, but my number one priority has been a full-time stay at home mom. It was the hardest job I ever loved. I am so incredibly grateful to have spent that time home raising my babies. In that time home I’d often think of what God had in store for my future. I’d daydream of having my own store and getting to shop with others all day long and helping them find clothing that put a big smile on their face. It’s humbling to look back on the last nine years and see how even as a stay at home mom, God has been preparing me for this new venture, this new career. Every part time job, every success, all the people I’ve met, all the experiences I’ve had, even the failures, have all lead me to here.

But I’m not doing this alone. I have an incredibly supportive husband, Drew, who has believed in me more than I in myself. My parents, my in-laws, my children, my siblings, and my many faithful gal pals. One person in particular has taken a leap of faith with me and has agreed to be my first employee, my sister in law, Kayla Wilkin. She and I have had the pleasure of working together in the past and she is a rockstar at everything she does. She is a wife to Quinn and mom to two beautiful twin girls. She is my right hand gal and an integral part of our business. She’s creative, smart, fashionable and social media savvy so you’ll be seeing a lot of her!

Being “rooted” in my faith has kept this dream alive. On the really hard days God would whisper “someday”. And I knew that because of His faithfulness and goodness I’d get the chance someday to live out my dream. Being rooted in my faith, family, friends, and fashion has gotten me here. So I boldly encourage you all to Get Rooted! What’s YOUR passion? Find what you love, plant those roots deep and let us help you look great along the way!